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Lifestyle Blog

Here on my website, Life with My Fabulous Friends, there was always something I wanted to give back to people. I never could figure it out until the idea came up about starting a lifestyle blog. It would be one of those blogs that could be different because it dealt with my life and how I wanted to inspire others to overcome life's obstacles. We search for answers all too often and never realize the answers are all around us every day. We have to find them and put them into perspective. Inspirational stories have always fascinated me and gave me hope. I want others to feel the same way when hearing some of the things that happened to me personally and to people I know. That is why I created this lifestyle blog. It deals with traveling, entertainment, book reviews with lifestyle moments, and personal growth and development. It touches base on how each category plays a specific role in our lives and the ways it inspires us.

Lifestyle has different roles for everyone. Everyone is different, so not everyone likes or enjoys the same things. When it comes to lifestyle, everyone has a different way they live their lives. People's lifestyle categories are rich, poor, famous, happy, sad, alone, and many others. Which one each individual falls in is up to them. It is all about a person's perspective on life and how they choose to see it. People who enjoy life have a good lifestyle. It does not take riches to have a good lifestyle. Some of the world's poorest people are happier than the wealthiest person. If a person is happy and thankful for what they have, their lifestyle will show it. I wanted to share this because we all have hard times, and we all have good times. We can stay positive and motivated as long as we are thankful and enjoy everything around us life has to offer.

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