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Book Review: A Letter from Paris, by Louisa Deasey

For most of her life up until that point, she hasn't known much about her father, and what she knew wasn't the best reflection. Lost in her own world, she not only discovers the greatness of her dad but she also learns and understands who she is as a person. I loved reading about good-heart people, who accepted Louisa and treated her like their own family. Passion, care, kindness, and love throughout the whole story melted my heart. Wonderful to read about French sceneries, ways of living, and stories of many artists living or working in France around or after World War Two. I loved the notion of: "your value is in who you are, and not in what you have" ...Great to think about and reflect on our own lives, and our own values. Overall, this book was not a page-turner for me, but it was nice and easy to read. I would recommend it.

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