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Book Review: Abundance Now

Book Abundance Now by Lisa Nichols
Abundance Now

Lisa Nichols is a motivational speaker and, in her book, "Abundance Now - Amplify Your Life and Achieve Prosperity Today" she shares her own life experience and how she successfully transformed it from barely surviving to extreme wealth. Throughout this book, she is providing ideas, tools, concepts on how to set your own goals and find a way to achieve them. Among other things, she explains the importance and impact of positive thinking, visualization, gratitude, relationships, views on money. Likely, by only reading this book, no one will become rich, but I do believe this book could inspire some to start changing their life if that is what they desire. I am also sure that everyone can find a few good tips to apply. Here are few thoughts I found really helpful:

  1. Establish your goals and celebrate every little win or achievement. Move step by step.

  2. Make your own path and stay on it. There will always be people who will support you and those that won't.

  3. Create relationships with people that will inspire you and help you grow.

  4. To be successful in life you need to develop yourself in many areas, including your own personal growth. To achieve this we can follow these steps:

  • Morning gratitude exercise

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Plan your day with opportunities

  • Edify others

5. Creating and managing a successful business requires hard work. Steps to follow:

  • Forecast your plans for growth

  • Start planning from the beginning

  • Get good at marketing

  • Sell as your life depends on it

  • Build your business on cement and not on sinking sand

I am sure that everyone who reads this book can take few different thoughts and apply in their own life. It is definitely inspiring, and I recommend it.

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