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Book Review: Accidentally Engaged

"Accidentally Engaged" by Farah Heron is a very cute romance, easy and relaxing. The book is a quick read and interesting from the first to the last page. It is full of humor and fun. Reena comes from an Indian family living in Toronto. She has tried for some time to be independent of her parents, who, having the best intentions, always find a way to make her uncomfortable. This time they had a husband in mind for her. Accidentally, Reena meets her new neighbour Nadim. He is cute and interesting, who turns out to be exactly the one who her parents wanted for her.

Their attraction and chemistry shine during the cooking show contest that they enter. Nadim is from Tanzania, grew up in England, educated, charming and good-looking. But Nadim comes with some troublesome past. As the past uncovers, so are their feelings for each other. It is heartwarming to see the power of love, and the power of family and friends. Food descriptions and the smell of freshly baked bread will definitely make you hungry. And if you haven't tried Indian food before, I am sure you will be inspired to try some. If you want to relax and enjoy an easy read, this book might be a good choice.


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