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Book Review: Beloved

Toni Morrison’s award-winning novel "Beloved" should be on everyone’s list as essential reading. It follows the story of a woman who escaped slavery, but whose family is (figuratively and literally) haunted by its trauma. It moves between past and present, spiritual and physical, dream and reality, frequently blurring the lines between each. The reader is brought in, throughout, by the masterful imagery, the sheer emotion of the story, and the artful way the whole thing is brought together. It is no secret that Toni Morrison is a literary genius and this novel, one of her best-known, showcases her skill in a way that really leaves the reader breathless. Every re-read of the novel draws out new detail and nuance, such that I can never get tired of this novel. It is painful, but it is dedicated to showcasing the Black experience in a way that feels genuine and cathartic. It does not shy away from the pain and generational trauma caused by slavery. I would absolutely recommend that this book move to the top of your reading list, if you haven’t read it already.


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