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Book Review: Can't Hurt Me

Book Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins
Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins

"Can't hurt me" is an excellent and inspirational autobiography book. As an autobiography book, I can't talk about events as this is not a fictional plot, it is a real-life story that David Goggins decided to share to inspire and encourage others who might need guidance or help in overcoming their own challenges.

David comes from a troubled family, with an abusive father. When he and his mother move out and start building their own life, his challenges continue. He is constantly faced with prejudice, injustice, bullying, and discrimination, but David fights back in the best way he knows, by rising above it all, and by winning against himself. He found the mental strength to be the best, and even better. In this book, David shares how he made his mind strong and how that pushed him to achieve the impossible. In addition to his mind, with self-discipline and hard work he endured unbearably difficult army training, marathons, and endurance events.

Once he felt a feeling of accomplishment, and achievements against all odds, he couldn't stop. He kept working and challenging himself further and further, sometimes near the point of physical self-destruction. You don't see such strong will-power very often.

There are many good lessons anyone can take away from this book. These are my favourite:

  1. No matter how difficult, challenging, or unfair life can be, it shouldn't stop us from excelling. That power to be the best we can be and succeed is within ourselves. Not giving up, but to persevere.

  2. Hard times show us that we are capable of much more than what we are aware of. It opens our minds to our true possibilities.

  3. 40% rule: most of us use only about 40% of our capabilities. We all can push ourselves that little extra step to achieve something new.

Reading this book, it felt great to see David turning his life around, and despite all the challenges, becoming successful and the best version of himself. For me, a book is good if it enriches me in any way. This one definitely did, and I strongly recommend it for others to read too.


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