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Book Review: Kafka on the Shore

Wow, this book was such an interesting read for me. Even though this book has been published a long time ago, I have only just read it now. "Kafka on the Shore", by Haruki Murakami, combines real life with imagination, dreams, and the movement between conscience to non-conscience. There are two parallel storylines that are coming closer to each other with each new page, and eventually meeting.

15-year-old boy, Kafka, left his home and his father, trying to get away from the curse his father put him on. He hopes to find his mother and sister who left him when he was four. On his path, he meets some important individuals that have a significant impact on how he deals with his internal feelings and fears.

The other story is the story of an older man, Nakata, who at some point lost his memory and led a simple life guided by his intuition. His intuition takes him to different places, meeting different people, and doing things that were beyond his rational mind. 

The book has lots of metaphors and riddles. The world where spirits and dreams become reality. It is likely, that everyone who reads this book, will have its own interpretation of it. It is intriguing and thought-provoking. It is not a typical novel and for those who can't go beyond the "real", this book might not be the best choice. Personally, I loved the book and would definitely recommend it. 


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