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Book Review: The Guest List

"The Guest List" by Lucy Foley is an excellent thriller. Very interesting writing style and I loved the way how all characters were introduced and brought to life. The stories go back and forth in time, continuously building anticipation. In the center of the story is Jules, a famous magazine owner, who picks extravagant venue at secluded and deserted Irish island to get married. The groom Will, is a known and charming actor. They seem like a perfect couple. Bur are they really? She has that nagging feeling after finding an anonymous note not to marry him. Among guests are Will's university friends who share some intriguing history, Jules' half-sister, Jules' best guy-friend, and his wife. The venue hosts are there to make their wedding unforgettable. All of them have something to tell. The suspense grows, and descriptions of the island itself, the darkness, the cave, the ocean all add to the creepy feeling as you read this book. As all those storylines build-up, we are getting the closure and all dots get connected. I enjoyed this book, and do recommend it.

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Marcos Perez
Marcos Perez
12 de abr. de 2021

interesting and excellent

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