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Book Review: The Moon is Always Female

Book The Moon is Always Female
The Moon is Always Female

Marge Piercy’s poetry collection "The moon is always female", though initially released in 1980, depicts experiences that still feel relatable and relevant today. Some poems detail the often frustrating and isolating experiences of women in professional spaces. Others delve into struggles with identity and gendered expectations. Others depict intimate looks into the speaker’s private space. All poems across the board are well put together. They use language that still manages to feel fresh, decades later. The structure of the poems, the placement of line breaks, always feels intentional and furthers the meaning of the poems. Each one also uses language that ignites all the senses. From the imagery to the sound of the poems when read aloud, all pieces come together to create impactful, engaging poems. Reading poetry can often be intimidating, and I get why. Often, the only poetry most people are exposed to is written in a version of English that seems too far off from what we speak. Often, the meaning seems too secret, too buried in metaphor to even decipher. These poems are not like that. These poems use metaphor with intentionality, but not to excess. They are written in a way that makes sure the reader feels their meaning. As a lover of poetry, I would recommend this collection.

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