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Book Review: The Order

The Order, by Daniel Silva is the first and the only book in the series that I have read. I am not sure if that's why, but I did not connect with this story line at all. There are sections of the book, I enjoyed reading, but there are pages that I just had to turn as it was a little bit boring for my liking, but as for any book and story line, individual views can significantly differ. This book is a thriller, where Gabriel Allon (Israeli art restorer and intelligence) and Archbishop Luigi Donati are looking into the suspicious death of Pope Paul VII. Their search leads them to very important documents and much bigger findings linked to the Pope's death. The story and all the events are pure fiction and the author went in great detail to explain it. A significant portion of the book covers many religious and "historical" events (mostly fictional), which depending on your personal preferences, might be of great interest or not at all. I believe that people who read other books in series have higher appreciation for it and can relate much better.  All in all, if you haven't read other Silva's books, and this thematic is not on top of your list, I might not recommend it, otherwise go for it.

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