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Book Review: The Women of Chateau Lafayette

The Women of Chateau Lafayette by Stephanie Dray is a great historical novel based on a true story. It takes place primarily in France, and partially in America, during three different time periods, the1770s, WWI and WWII. There are three very strong female characters who between right and wrong, decided not to stay quiet, but to stand up and fight. Adrienne's story (1770s) is amazing and honestly, this book should have been just about her and her life. Adrienne and her husband the Marquis de Lafayette fought for American Independence, the liberation of France, freedom, and rights. Their love, fight, courage, and endurance deserved all the admiration. Every now and then, the world and history saw these individuals who moved us ahead as a society and a human race. The Chateau Lafayette played such an important role throughout history and found its purpose in both wars, where Beatrice and Marthe, two other great women, continued its legacy. It developed to be the place to protect and heal sick and orphaned children. Marthe, an orphan herself who grew up in the Chateau, continued to perform heroic acts by saving and protecting Jewish children during the Second World War. In general, I liked this book a lot. It was a slower read in the beginning, due to the introduction of these different storylines. Beatrice and Marthe's stories include many details from their life but at times, it seemed disconnected and incomplete. Perhaps they were too much to include in this one book. Overall, this was a quality read, and I would recommend it if you enjoy reading historical stories.


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