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Elora Mill Ontario

Elora Mill is a magical place. It is located in Elora, a little town in Ontario, about one hour drive from Toronto. It is probably the most beautiful restaurant view I have ever seen. The restaurant is located in an old building, very nicely decorated. The ambiance is nice and peaceful. It overlooks small waterfalls and a river, and a historic and beautiful building with the magic of the lights and colors. It is great for any occasion; family gathering, romantic dinner, friends day/night out, your name it. The service was excellent. We went for a late lunch and even though the menu was small, we picked some tasty items. Grilled sourdough with ricotta was super delicious. A couple of salads we had were great too. We picked Snow Crab and Celery Salad and Cavatelli with Kale and Walnut Salad. For the main meal, we opted for Pork Belly and Sausage. Pork Belly was amazing, and the sausage wasn't to my taste. Of course, the wine had to be served for complete enjoyment. We finished it off with a cookie plate and a tea. Such a wonderfully spent day. I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

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