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Selva Toronto

Selva Toronto is a very interesting and uniquely styled Toronto downtown restaurant and bar. With its beautiful all-around art designs and neon lighting, Selva offers you a vibrant and immersive experience. Clandestinos Art lively depicts beautiful nature and will make you feel lifted and relaxed. Have to say, the service was all right, but not the best either. The most important part, the menu by the Chef Nuit Regular was perfect. The flavours are of the cuisine of South America with hints of Thai that don't disappoint. The menu offers small and medium plates that are great for sharing. We enjoyed Yellowfin Tuna and Coconut Ceviches, Grilled Shrimp, and a fabulous Taco platter. No complaints on either of these items. Super delicious. All cocktails looked very attractive, but we went with a bottle of wine. And Banana Fritters were to die for. Looking forward to going to Selva again soon.


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