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Restaurant Tips

Some of the best restaurants we have been to were in Toronto. My friends and I have been to many places where we have been to try the food. We look for several things to rate them according to our standards versus other people's standards. The food is the most important, but other factors make restaurants great and some not so great. Some of our favorite restaurants in Toronto were Blu Ristorante, Baro Rooftop, Caffino Ristorante, Terroni Price, BlueBlood Steakhouse, ONE Restaurant, Madrina Bar y Tapas, La Vecchia Lakeshore, Royal Meat Barbeque, El Catrin, Cluny Bistro, and Bar Reyna. There are many more we visited in Toronto and other places, but these are the ones that we were able to give the best reviews for the area. Many of these we visit quite often since we are from the Toronto, Ontario area. It makes an excellent lifestyle surrounded by friends and family when we visit these restaurants.

While we offer restaurant tips for people to look out for when visiting our chosen picks, we want people to remember it is not only the food that makes or breaks a restaurant. We look at the service, environment, noise level, how crowded the place is, cleanliness, and many more noticeable things. When it comes to the service, our restaurant tips kick in high gear. Everyone wants the best available service. Something we notice is if we were greeted with a smile and friendliness. Did the waiter or waitress check on us to see if we need anything? How well was the service on refills? And the million-dollar question is always, How long did we wait for our food to come to the table? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves when we give restaurant tips to our friends and my website.

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