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Book Review: Anxious People

Anxious People by Fredrick Backman is an interesting and deep-thought novel. One of the reads that will bring emotions of both joy and sadness.

Unfortunate life circumstances force a person to rob a cashless bank for a couple of thousands of dollars. A bank robber finds himself/herself in an unplanned situation keeping 8 people hostage. All happens while those hostages were viewing an apparent that was up for sale. All eight hostages come with their own stories and amazing connections they share. Character writing is absolutely amazing. Their challenges, desires, feelings, life experiences make this novel real and thought-provoking. They all come together for a higher good. The story of the hostages would not be complete without two policemen, the father, and a son who find themselves managing this hostage situation. Similar to the hostages, their life story is nothing but ordinary.

In many ways, this is an emotional read and very well written. It will definitely leave you in deep thoughts. Highly recommended.


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