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Book Review: Furia

The Book "Furia"

"Furia" by Yamile Saied Mendez is a very cute and nice story. Once you start reading it, you can't put it down. The story takes place in Argentina where seventeen-year-old girl Camila plays soccer passionately and because of her great talent is called Furia. She is hard-working, she practices, she has the talent but unfortunately, she has to hide all of that from her parents. Her parents have different expectations from their daughter and are preoccupied with their son's football career. On her path to success, Camila has to hide the truth and rely on her friend to attend the practices and keep up with the game she loves. She struggles emotionally and often physically until she has enough strength to stand up to her father and finally get the long-needed support from her mother. I loved the romance with Diego, a childhood friend, and a famous football (soccer) player. I respected the choices she had made and glad she stayed true to herself, her passion, and her goals. It is an easy read and definitely recommended.

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