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Book Review: Station Eleven

The Book "Station Eleven"
Station Eleven

"Station Eleven" by Emily St. John Mandel, is an interesting novel to read, especially when you are reading it during the Covid19 pandemic. It was published in 2014, but for me definitely has some different dimension when read at this time.

The world has been hit with very aggressive and deadly "Georgia Flu", with a very short incubation time, and a death rate at more than 99%. That leads to the end of life and civilization as we know it. Throughout the book, we are taken back and forth in times, ranging from years before "The end" and twenty years afterward. Life of several characters including Hollywood star Arthur Leander, his three wives, and the group of survivors who form the Traveling Symphony are intertwined. The Traveling Symphony goes from place to place performing in the post flu era, while managing through many struggles of survival with life and death experiences on their journey. By the end of the book, storylines are linked in some interesting ways.

I would say in general, this book has a good theme and certainly can be easily read. Personally, I didn't connect with the characters, likely as there were too many stories with no meaningful connections.


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