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Book Review: The Belonging Duet

The Salvation Society is a great collection of romance novels. The base of it is the Salvation Series written by USA Bestselling author Corrine Michaels. The society further includes many other authors who write romance novels, and most of them are standalone stories with some common characters. The original series starts with "The Belonging Duet" by Corrine Michael. It includes two books "Beloved' and "Beholden". You can even read these books for free by visiting The Salvation Society website.

I normally don't read many romance novels, but I saw this series in one of the Facebook book clubs and started reading. I ended up really liking it and ever since I have been reading these books. I found them to be easy reads, and relaxing, like beach books. I enjoy happy endings. Particularly, in "The Belonging Duet" Catherine is disappointed and devastated by finding out that her fiancée was cheating on her. After losing all trust, feeling emotionally drained out, and not ready for any new relationship, she meets Jackson. Similar to Catherine, Jackson has his own life disappointments and regrets. Their relationship goes through many ups and downs. Despite all the challenges, they develop deep feelings for each other. Their relationship is full of love and passion. They both seem to be good human beings and are supported by their good friends. I love when people find their happiness, especially when they least expect it. I enjoyed reading these novels and continued to the next two in the series, which are called "Consolation Duet" consisting of the two books "Consolation" and "Conviction"

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