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Book Review: The Great Alone

Wow, such an emotional read. I could not stop reading this book, and for several chapters, I couldn't stop my tears either.

"The Great Alone" by Kristin Hannah is about a family of three; Ernt, Cora, and their thirteen year old daughter Leni. After coming back from the Vietnam war, being POW, and likely suffering from PTSD, Ernt relocates his family to Alaska, settling on the land he inherited from his war friend. They discovered the beauty in living in nature, hunting and fishing for food, long summers, and even longer winters. They were hoping to find peace and happiness. Instead, their lives were anything but that; abuse, fear, and suffering were part of their daily lives. This is a complex story, and might not have been completely described in some aspects, and each reader can create their own interpretation. Some topics definitely could trigger discussions such as the topic of war, the consequences for veterans, society's recognition and treatments, the suffering of families, and abuse. Personally, I take this story for what it is in its entirety.

The book is nicely written and the descriptions of Alaska are beautiful. You get to know some very strong characters and love that is stronger than anything. There are different kinds of love and things that people would do in the name of love.

If you don't mind reading about some dark and sad experiences , I definitely recommend reading this book.


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