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Book Review: The Lies That Bind

The Lies that Bind, by Emily Giffin is an easy read, and I would give it 2 or 3 stars. If you are heading to the beach and want to read a love novel, this book could do it. Struggling after break up with her boyfriend, Cecily meets a new guy, and her feelings become very strong from the first moments. Her new relationship seemed like a dream for her but complicated due to the family illness and unfortunate and tragic events that happened in NYC. The main characters struggle with life situations and circumstances that are full of lies and hurt feelings. Many times, love is tested, and proved by the true friendship and family. I admired Cecily's friendship with her friend Scottie. Even though, I don't think the book is written with specific depth, still believe that situations are real and happen in life. People tend to judge and make conclusions without knowing all the circumstances. Personally, I was happy with the book ending, as I believe love won. 


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