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Book Review: The Midnight Library

"The Midnight Library" by Matt Haig is one very interesting read. I see it as a combination of magic realism, fiction and modern self-help concepts. This story brings us to the life of an adult woman Nora Seed, who is unhappy and disappointed by everything in her life, decides to end her life. However, before she actually dies, she finds herself in the Midnight Library. This is the place where you can land once you are in between life and death. The place where you have a chance to see what your life would have been had you made some different choices in your past or your life under some other different circumstances. How would it look if there were all the parallel universes and different versions of our life stories? The way Nora chooses those lives to experience started from all the regrets she had, hoping that different decisions in her past would have taken her to a happier self. Going through many of these scenarios and living them, she realized that there would still be unfortunate events, and she was still unsatisfied and unhappy. At the end of the road, she does find a life that she felt relieved and happy. But since she was in between life and death, in order to go back to living she needed to really feel alive. I love the concept of this book, and it could really help others not to dwell on past decisions, and the past in general, but to accept it and look to make their future the best it can be.


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