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Book Review: The Rose Code

"The Rose Code" by Kate Quinn is another great historical novel. It is based on true stories with many real characters and events. It takes place in England during WWII, and specifically in Bletchley Park, the place where British intelligence was breaking German secret codes. The main characters are three very different, young women who were united by their desire and passion to contribute to the fight against the enemy. Mab, Osla, and Beth come from different backgrounds, with their own personal challenges and life paths. Their roles included cryptanalysis, code-breaking, and translation. Working around the clock, they create amazing bonds and friendships. However, they had also signed the Secrecy Act, to not share any information with anyone including people who work in the Park. When faced with difficult choices between their friendship and the obligations they have, their friendship falls apart. Each one of them goes through their own losses and sufferings. After several years, they are reunited, putting their feelings aside and putting all their skills together to identify and find the proof of the traitor among BP members, and the person who made Beth's life unbearable.

Overall, this novel is very well written, with deep stories and complex characters. It is interesting that Osla had a relationship with Prince Philip, before he married at the time Princess Elizabeth. Although the novel is quite long and is a slower read, I still very much recommend it.

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