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Book Review: The Vanishing Half

The Vanishing Half, by Brit Bennett, is a great novel. A page-turner from the beginning to an end. The story is about twin sisters Desiree and Stella, who grew up in a small American town in the south, with a black community. At age of 16, they ran away from home, looking for their own happiness. Their lives take completely different paths, as they go their own ways for a very long time. Having a light skin colour, Stella chooses to try to live her life as a white person hiding her family roots and history. She marries, has a daughter, and lives a financially stable life. At the same time, she loses her past, her family, and truly who she is, her identity. Desiree has her own challenges, running away from her abusive husband, and returning home with her daughter Judy. This is a complex story about race, identity, internal struggles, mixed emotions, and difficult life choices. I loved Judy's character. She went through a lot, but despite everything, she kept fighting and moving forward to her own success. Family paths cross again when Desiree's and Stella's daughters meet and bring some closure to both sisters. This is truly an amazing book, and I definitely recommend reading.

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