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Book Review: True to Me

"True to Me" by Kay Bratt is a beautiful, emotional and heartwarming novel. It is a page-turner, with great characters and an amazing setting. The main protagonist Quinn gets insight from her dying mother that makes her question who she is. In a search for answers, she goes to Hawaii, the birthplace of her mother. The truth slowly uncovers itself, against all long-held and devastating secrets. There are a few very emotional moments of the lost family reunions. On her journey, she bonds with new friends and reconnects with old ones, while putting an end to a relationship that she realized was manipulative, untrustworthy, and not fulfilling. The beautiful scenes from Maui are simply breathtaking. You cannot but imagine yourself in those exotic settings. Through this novel, we get to experience love, compassion, family bonds, suffering, and betrayal; but forgiveness as well. It is the forgiveness that sets people free. I loved how Quinn resolved herself from expectations from others and gave herself a chance to be herself for once, to be guided by her inner self. Ultimately, that led her to find her own peace and freedom. This book is the first in the "By the Sea" series. It is a beautiful novel, well written, and highly recommended.

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