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Finding Happiness In Hard Times

No matter whose life we talk about, we will always find periods when things are going well and periods when things are not going our way. Simply, life goes through ups and downs, days and nights, happiness and sadness. Life consists of contrasts.

When things go well, most of the time, we just take them for granted, and easily move on. However handling challenging times, often can be a difficult task. In these times, we might have uneasy feelings like fear, anxiety, anger.

My motto though my difficult times, has always been when you cannot change the problem, you can change how you look at that problem. While I got this tip through reading personal development books, it really resonated with me, and that has always been the first thought on my mind when something is not going right. Finding something good around it, or in your life that you could feel good about or be grateful for.

There are couple of things that you can consider during your life lows:

1. Surround Yourself With The Right People

Doesn’t matter how many friends you have, make sure you are connected to the right ones especially when tough times come. Be with those that will support you emotionally and physically. Those that will find the right words, and even be able to put a smile on your face. Sometimes, they can just take deep breaths with you. Give those friends a chance to be part of your solution. And it is possible that at different times you will need different friends. You connect with all of them on a different level. Pick those that make you feel better.

2. Nothing goes on forever

Nothing in life is permanent. It will pass. Same as after rain, the sun comes out, or every darkness ends with light. Most of the time, the bad times will just naturally pass, we just need to make sure we are patient and keep our head above the water. In one of the books I read a line “ do not judge the moment”, as often there is a bigger picture, and something good at the end.

3. Find your happiness within yourself

If you let every good thing that happens to you leave you soaring on cloud nine and every negative situation send you crashing to earth, you will go through life in a state of emotional exhaustion! Stable, consistent, sustainable joy can only be created and found within yourself.

Life is far less about what happens to you than it is how you react to it. You are in charge of how you feel. Don’t fall into the routine of letting happiness get to your head and failure to your heart.

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