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Book Review: Will

Will is Will Smith's autobiography that takes us through the journey from his early childhood, his rap career to becoming a super TV and a movie star. The book is co-written with Mark Manson and provides insights into continuous opportunities for personal growth.

Will Smith was born and raised in West Philadelphia, in a family with its own struggles, but loving moments too. That had a huge impact in shaping him as a person and an entertainer. He has worked hard, kept moving on, even in the times it was difficult to. Faced with prejudice and discrimination, he found humor and entertaining people a way out. He kept moving on.

This autobiography touches on major events in Will's career such as rapping, The Fresh Prince, and of course some of the biggest blockbusters movies like Bad Boys, Men in Black, and others. By reading this story, you can definitely see the changes and growth of him as a person, being conscience about his own behavior, his relationships with his wife Jada and his children. Once he realized he wasn't the happiest he could be, despite all the glory and wealth, he spent years finding his way to internal peace. I enjoyed reading Will.

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