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Book Review: The Push

The Push by Ashley Audrain is a psychological drama that keeps reader in suspense throughout. It is a great read with deep and difficult life experiences. The main protagonist, Blythe, tells her story describing everything she sees and feels. She comes with a troubled childhood, with an abusive mother with her own problems and painful upbringing herself. Impacted forever, Blythe is not sure how to show the love that she never experienced herself. She struggles emotionally and does her best to create a normal and loving family despite her fear of failure. With her own doubts and fears of being a good mother, she struggles with her daughter, whose behaviour was a handful to deal with. When tragedy strikes her family, grief and suffering overtake Blythe. While her husband moves on and remarries, she continues to worry about her daughter whose behaviour, in Blythe's mind, was very questionable, manipulative and suspicious. However, her concerns were always dismissed having her doubt her own mind. Nightmares of a mother who carries her burdens and does the best she can. Are her suspicions real? Find the answer in this complex and emotional novel. This book will stay with you days after you are done reading it.

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