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Book Review: Think Like a Monk, by Jay Shetty

Self help book: Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty
Think Like a Monk, Jay Shetty

I have been following and listening to Jay Shetty for some time now. I like his enthusiasm and good energy. He seems like a simple person with lots of experiences and wisdom to share. As soon as I heard about his book, I ordered it. Actually, it came at the time I really needed to read it and help myself through some difficult times for me and my family. 

The book is easy to read. It is written for an average person, someone who might have none or some previous knowledge about personal development and spirituality. I don't think that advanced readers (on this topic), would find much new information in this book. However, if you haven't read any self-help books, Think Like a Monk might be just perfect. 

In the book, Jay shares his experiences and learning from the time he was a monk. In each and every topic, you can find something useful, and something if implemented that would at least make your life a little bit better. Life brings us challenges, but how we respond to them can make them easier or more difficult. There are different aspects of the book. The three major topics are Letting go, Growing, and Giving. For me personally, the passage on page 58 made a huge impact and was a great help in my situation. When something happens, we really don't know if that is good or bad in grand scheme of things.  It says not to judge the moment. That was a wow moment for me. 

You can find lots of other useful thoughts throughout the book and in many different areas of your life like fears, thoughts, relationships, mind, ego, successes and failures. It also teaches us life tools like visualization, meditation, gratitude, and service. 

I definitely recommend this book to all who would like to explore how they can start changing themselves for their better tomorrow and people that are looking for help on how to make their life happier, no matter what circumstances surround them. 

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