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Accommodation when in Tuscany

One of our yearly trips was to a beautiful Tuscany, Italy. Have to admit, I love love Italy. And Tuscany is just simply breathtaking. Green, green and green everywhere..We decided to rent a place somewhere in the winery or olive tree garden area. We rented an apartment in a beautiful eco-friendly farmhouse in Lucca. The house was on the hill, with a surreal view. The apartment had two floors with two bedrooms upstairs. The host was fantastic. Every morning we had breakfast using a garden table outside and had a chance to enjoy the tranquility of Mother nature. We had lots of fun moments driving up at night, through this narrow steep road. So if you are used to only flat, wide roads this might be a challenge for you. That was a challenge we were willing to take. Definitely recommend renting a place in any of the wineries when in Tuscany.


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