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Tips for traveling | 10 Tips to Have an Amazing Trip

The holiday season is just around the corner, a time when more and more travelers take the opportunity to go on a winter vacation. Also, as restrictions have started to ease in many countries after a 2-year long pandemic, it’s an ideal time to plan your Christmas holidays. And while you are planning your much-awaited trip, there are many things that you need to take care of. Whether you are an occasional or frequent traveler, we are going to write some tips to make things a little easier for you during the journey:


Even though everyone is getting vaccinated, the virus is still out there, and you don’t want to end up catching it or spreading it to your loved one. Therefore, you must adopt safety precautions. Wear a mask in indoor spaces, keep a sanitizer with you at all times and remember to maintain distance.

2. Don’t Pack Heavy

Many travelers make the mistake of packing too many bags with them and end up not using at least half of the stuff. DO NOT do this. Check the weather forecast of the country you’re traveling to and pack clothes accordingly that you are actually going to wear. Keep only two to three shoes – one comfortable sandal and joggers. This way, you’ll not have too much stuff, and you’ll be able to shop as much as you like to bring back home.

3. Pack your Gadgets

Truly the most important thing is your gadgets! That doesn’t just include your phones and chargers, but also an extra power bank, switchboard (remember, many of your switches might not work in other countries). So, keep a travel adapter with you, so you don’t have to face any issues. If you are keeping your cameras, make sure to pack an extra memory card as you might need it.

4. Avail your Credit Points

Most people are not even aware of the perks that come with their credit cards. Through the points, you can earn mileage and even travel in business class or get huge discounts at hotels. Amazing, isn’t it? Ask your bank about it before traveling. You might end up scoring a huge discount; who knows!

5. Travel Cheap through Deals

There are many places where you can get tourist cards that let you wander around for cheap. For instance, when traveling to Istanbul, you can buy a museum pass that allows entrance to more than ten museums. Otherwise, you’ll have to purchase each ticket separately that will cost you a lot of money. On the other hand, you can save money by buying cheap travel deals. Ask your travel agent, and they’ll undoubtedly come up with something fun and more affordable!

6. Get Health Insurance

We cannot emphasize this enough. Health insurance is essential before you leave your hometown. You might end up in an accident, and if you don’t have insurance, it may cost you a lot. I remember my friend who met with a car accident while going on a road trip from Canada to the USA. It saved him thousands of dollars on physiotherapy as he had insurance, which was crucial to his health.

7. Keep Necessary Medications

You don’t want to end up in pharmacy for flu or cold. Do you? It is best to keep some medicines with you for flu, cold, cough, and stomach issues. In addition to that, keep a first aid kit, especially if you are planning for an adventurous trip to the mountains or somewhere similar.

8. Learn a Bit About Culture

It’s always best to learn about the culture and customs of the country you’re planning to visit. It helps you to interact better with locals. If possible, learn a few words of their language such as phrases like ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘lovely meeting you’, etc.

9. Travel in Off-Peak Season

If you are not a social person like many and want to avoid crowds, then plan your journey in the off-peak season when the crowds are fewer. Also, you may get super discounted deals on hotels and tickets too.

10. Travel on a Budget? Sure you can

It is not as difficult as it seems. Want to save money while traveling? You can certainly do it. Book an Airbnb instead of lavish hotels, travel around on public transport instead of renting a car, eat street food instead of fine dining. This way, you can have a fantastic trip that too on a budget!


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