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Langdon Hall, Ontario

House and seating area at Langdon Hall
Langdon Hall

Langdon Hall is an amazing resort in Cambridge, Ontario. It is perfect for a short getaway with your partner, friend, family, or even by yourself. The ground is really nice, with lots of trees and green surroundings, neat and overall calming. There are a couple of walking trails, and bikes available for use. You can enjoy and relax by the pool, with a bar conveniently located that offers lunch and beverages. Two of us booked one night retreat, which included accommodation, breakfast and dinner for two. The great thing is, you can use their property, pool included, both days regardless of the check-in/out times.

I have to say, one of the best parts of this experience is the food. It is super high quality, delicious, and nicely arranged. They have their own garden where they get their herbs and plants. Dishes are garnished with edible flowers enhancing the meals with colours. Every single item we had was just perfect. They serve dinner both inside and outside, depending on the weather and the guests' capacity. Outdoor dining is really nice, under the big tree with lots of flowers. We found it more casual than eating inside the restaurant.

The service in the resort overall is really good. Spa services are available for your enjoyment too, which we had to skip due to the service availability. Of course, everything needs to be booked in advance including any spa treatments, any dining except lunch from the pool bar. All in all, a great place to escape daily city routine, especially in lieu of going for a longer or travel vacation. Have to note, the luxury experience does come with a steep price, no exception here. We really enjoyed our two days stay at Langdon Hall, and looking forward to visiting again soon.

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