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Mademoiselle Toronto

Mademoiselle is a new Raw Bar and Grill restaurant, located on King Street W. Toronto.

I see this place offering different experiences depending on the day of the week and the time you actually dine in. On less busy weekday nights dinners feel more like a restaurant, while weekends offer a more clubby atmosphere. The ambiance and decor are absolutely stunning; a beautiful place with colors, chandeliers, and trees. Most people seemed to be enjoying the music and were having fun. The service was pretty good, about the right amount of attention.

The food was decent, but I would not say exceptional. Prices are on the higher end, and not much different from many other King st West places.

From the menu, we picked a few items to share among the four of us.

For starters, we had Grilled octopus, Ahi tuna tartare, and Lobster Mac. We liked tuna tartare, while the octopus wasn't the best we had. Lobster Mac was very tasty. We ordered a couple of sushi rolls and Halibut which were pretty good.

It is a fun place and attracts a younger crowd, especially later in the night. Overall we had a great experience and a great time...

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