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Harbour 60, Toronto

The Black Truffle Steak and Eggs
The Black Truffle Steak and Eggs

Harbour 60 is one of the best steakhouses in Toronto. It is centrally located, next to the Harborfront. This restaurant offers everything you would expect from a top-notch steakhouse but probably would come shy to some American steakhouses I've been to.

The restaurant is charming, with a very nicely decorated patio. I would say that atmosphere is more formal, as you might expect from a place like this. The service was fantastic from the first step. Since we celebrated my son's birthday, he got a cake with a candle and was on house, and appreciated.

Everything we ordered was very good. The important part when selecting the steak cook level is that the grading is a little bit different than in some other places. I ordered medium but, it came slightly more done than I liked. My sons' steaks were perfect as medium-rare. The Black Truffle Steak and Eggs was really phenomenal. Besides steaks, we shared a few appetizers like fried calamari, Buffalo Mozzarella, and Beet Salad. Both have good portion sizes. Octopus carpaccio was interesting, and a great starter.

For sides, we had mashed potato, truffled fries, and mushrooms. Huge portions and big enough for sharing. And finally, for dessert, we had flambéed Alaska for Two and a Molten chocolate cake. Alaska was huge and enough for four people to share. A few cocktails and glasses of wine were a great addition to this meal. Definitely, a solid place and worth visiting on a special occasion. As you would expect, it comes with a steeper price.

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