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Actinolite Toronto

Wood fire pit at Actinolite Restaurant
Actinolite Restaurant

Actinolite Restaurant is such a unique and lovely dining experience. I loved everything about this restaurant. It is located in a residential area on Ossington Avenue. Its patio has a backyard look and feel to it, with a calming and warm atmosphere. The service and care is exceptional. There is a wood fire pit in the middle of the patio, where two chefs prepare the meals. You can see the passion and love those chefs put into the creation of the perfect combination of ingredients and taste. They use herbs from the in-house garden and lots of local produce. Each part of the meal was served by the chefs, with their explanation of the ingredients, the way it was prepared, and where it comes from. Almost everything had a little story behind it. There is no menu to pick from, instead it is the Chef's Menu for the night that consists of 5 courses. The restaurant has communicated with us several days prior to confirm any dietary restrictions or preferences. All five courses were super delicious and arranged nicely.

  1. It starts off with few mussels and an oyster.

  2. It is followed by refreshing cucumber salad with fennel and local herbs.

  3. The third course was warm sourdough bread, with smoked ham.

  4. Pan-seared dry trout with a green salad enhanced with fresh flowers. Probably the best trout I have ever tasted.

  5. The main meal was a dish with slow-cooked lamb and veggies.

  6. Finally, for the dessert, we had raspberries with a combination of ice cream and yogurt.

I am probably not giving justice to describing the taste of every single item on this 5-course meal. This is probably one of my favourite dining experiences in Toronto. The price is on the steeper side with dinner set at $115 per person. Of course, drinks come on top of that and include reasonable options. It is definitely not just a dinner out, but a dining experience. I would love to go back soon, and strongly recommend Actinolite.

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