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Little Sister, Toronto

Little Sister is an amazing little restaurant in Toronto. It serves Dutch - Indonesian combo style food and has a unique ambiance. You really feel you are in some exotic place. There are two locations, one at Young and Eglinton, and one downtown, King and Portland. Both locations are great. The downtown location has a really cute patio, especially the one in the back. It is cozy, nicely decorated, and makes it a perfect part of this experience. The service is really good, and the knowledgeable server made some good suggestions. Food is delicious and best to be shared. Portion sizes are on a smaller side, and you need to double down on many of them. Since I have been in Little Sister several times, by now I have tried pretty much all the items from the menu, and honestly, everything tastes great. No exception. Their skewers are amazing. Shrimp coconut curry and Pulled pork lettuce wraps are fantastic. Another thing really worth mentioning is their cocktails. They are simply wow. I can't say enough how good they are. All in all, I highly recommend Little Sister. One of the cutest restaurants in Toronto.

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