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Book Review: Ask Again, Yes

"Ask Again, Yes" by Mary Beth Keane is such a great book. It goes in-depth about the destinies of two neighboring families that are highly intertwined and connected on so many levels. Brian Stanhope's family struggles with mental illness which results in tragic events and serious harm to Francis Gleeson, their neighbor. While those two families struggle with grief, both in their own way, their kids Kate and Peter continue to develop feelings for each other, despite being far away for years. They marry against all odds.  In this story, we saw love being tested on so many levels, and every time it won. Mother's love proved to be stronger than mental illness, a partner's love stronger than addiction, and a parent's love stronger than grief and resentment. It was great to see closure and forgiveness, leading them to inner peace and overall happiness. It is a well-written book, with good characters. I definitely recommend reading it. 

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