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Book Review: Life to Tell

"Life to Tell" is an autobiography book written by Immaculée Ilibagiza (with Steve Erwin), a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide. As someone can expect, it is a very disturbing and sad life story. You cannot believe how it is possible that human beings can do such terrible things to one another. WHY? Is it in the name of something? Is it fear or some other beliefs?

IImmaculée tells her painful story and how she found out the way to forgive and move on. She lived with her parents and 3 brothers. It was a happy and supportive family, respected by the community. In 1994, their lives and many others are faced with unimaginable crimes. Hundred of thousands of Tutsis were brutally killed by Hutus. While her family was brutally murdered, Immaculée was given a hiding place by the village Hutu pastor. She was hidden together with 7 other women in the very small bathroom in the pastor's house. Those women shared the air, small space, and limited food for more than 3 months. With absolutely horrific conditions, both physically and emotionally, Immaculée has found strength in God and her prayers. In those times, when there was absolutely no escape or the way out, there was only one way for her to find hope. It was her faith and her own spiritual growth. Eventually, she had to face her family's brutal deaths. Again, her faith, spirituality, and belief in the higher power gave her the strength to continue. It is admirable, she found in her heart the only thing she had to give, forgiveness for the very same people who did those terrible things. She freed herself from anger and forgave. No matter of our own religious beliefs, but at times like those, and times where we feel completely helpless, we look up and ask God (or a Higher power) for help, as that's the only thing that's left. I hope that one day all people in the world will only find love and peace in their hearts, and people's suffering will stop. Kudos to Immaculée for telling her story and for the motivation and inspiration she brought for others to move on, despite what they go through in their life.

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