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Book Review: The Forgotten Home Child

The Forgotten Home Child is a heartbreaking story based on true events and experiences of the British Home Children. The author Genevieve Graham spent some time researching the time between 1869 and 1948 when abandoned or orphaned children were sent from England to Canada to work on farms. What I didn't know, and only learned through reading the book, is that the lives of those children were very difficult. They were abused physically, sexually, and sometimes tortured to their death. 

I could not stop reading this book, even though almost every page made me cry more. The main characters are Winny and her 4 friends, Jack and Mary (brother and sister), and Edward and Cecil (two brothers). They have met on the streets of London, where they had to survive on their own before they were put in the multiple orphanages. The unbelievable love and care that those children had for each other are beyond respect and admiration. After arriving in Canada, they were each placed with a different family. When faced with inhumane living conditions, abuse, and cruelty, their only bright star was each other, even in the cases when they were completely alone. Many times, they did courageous acts so they can help their friends. All of them suffered a great deal. On a positive note, there were also good people, who actually ended helping those unfortunate children making a difference in their lives. Thanks to them, some of the children built successful lives and had their own families.

The amount of torture, the way they were treated, and how they felt, made those who survived to hide their difficult past even from their own children. This book definitely made me be even more grateful for the life we have today, but also, to continue to be conscious about people around us, and always try to give a helping hand to those in need.  


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