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Book Review: The Law of Attraction (Teachings of Abraham)

If you've seen the movie "The Secret", and you enjoyed it, then you will most likely be able to connect with this book. Regardless, it still would be a good read, as I believe there are some good and useful takeaways for everyone. The Law of Attraction (Teaching of Abraham) is unique as it uses Abraham as a Source Energy, which based on your previous readings, could make understanding the beliefs slightly challenging. What's your existing take on it, and if you move beyond that point, I am sure you could get some valuable lessons. This book teaches you how to take conscious control over your own life experiences. It describes three laws: The Law of Attraction, The Science of Deliberate Creation, and The Art of Allowing.  The main belief, per my understanding, is that we - ourselves, our thoughts, our emotions, and our energy are creating our life and everything it happens in it. The more positive energy we project, the more good things we are going to attract, and the opposite. I say, if you are open-minded and open to exploring (if you haven't already) you can always start practicing and testing how your different thoughts and emotions really impact your own life experiences. 


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