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Book Review: The Tuscan Secret

The Tuscan Secret by Angela Petch is a beautifully told historical novel. This story takes us to Tuscany and uncovers details of Ines's life during WWII and onwards.

Anna, the young woman, inherits her mother Ines's diary that sends her to search for some answers hidden on the written pages and mountain villages of the picturesque Tuscany.

Inspired by the true story, The Tuscan Secret brings to life the efforts of resistance and their struggles in Italy during the Second World War. Piece by piece, not only does Anna learn about her mom's life and her family, but also bonds to the people she meets and places she visits. With the right person by her side, she puts all the pieces into their place and finds closure for both her mother and herself. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book but would rate it a little bit stronger than 3 stars.


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