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Book Review: The Untethered Soul, by Micheal A. Singer

Personal Development Book The Untethered Soul
The Untethered Soul

If you have ever wondered about spiritual or personal growth, The Untethered Soul might be a good book to read. This is a great resource when looking for ways to deal with yourself, your busy thoughts, worries, and stressful situations in your life. It takes you through your inner journey, recognizing your body, mind, and spirit. It explains how someone could find peace and happiness regardless of what's happening around you. The way I understand, the energy within us plays the most important role. When we can't accept situations that we don't like, our energy gets blocked with no free flow. Accepting things and letting go, will free those energies and eventually bring more joy, happiness to us and to people around us. As always, it also emphasizes that nonacceptance of what already happened, or worrying about tomorrow mostly ruins Now. Personally, this book is helping me to try to sort things out. Personal development does not happen overnight, it is a rather a journey where you adapt and exercise something new every day. 

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