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Book review: Winter Garden

Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah is another one of her excellent and heartbreaking novels. As seen in other reads, human relationships are complex, deep-rooted into love, challenges, understanding, support, and sacrifice.

Sisters Nina and Meridith grew up with their father who gave them all the love and care and a cold and estranged mother living in her own world with no place for them. The lack of mother's love they felt shaped them into persons they became, buried in the work with so many insecurities.

After their father passes away, their mother continues to tell them the fairy tale but this time it uncovers the link to her own past. Nina and Meridith learn about their mother's terrifying and painful life experiences and sufferings she endured in Leningrad, during WWII. As the secrets are uncovered, the family bonds become stronger than ever before. The novel has a slower beginning but beautifully turns to a page-turner. It is an absolutely incredible read and highly recommended.

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