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Driving through hills of Taormina, Sicily

Renting a car most of the time seems simple and a great solution to visit most of the places. With driving experience from Canada - definitely should not be a problem. But remember we are in Europe, Italy...Staying in Catania, we rented a car and drove to Taormina. After sightseeing, having a great lunch, we wanted to visit Castelmola, a lovely little place on the hill. Of course, Google maps was our best friend...until it showed us the only option of getting to Castelmola. And in no time, we were on the road. The drive of our life. Very narrow, one way, one lane, unpaved road...Noone around, but for us....And it went on and on...up the hill, with potholes, the curve on the left, the curve on the right....It seemed never ending....we were in the middle of what it looked like, mountain. We laughed and we cried, we acted and reacted. Two doctors, engineer and mathematician...With no option or willingness of going back we proceeded and drove to our safety. So, the lesson learn - study the roads ahead, be prepared....Soon after we found ourselves in a beautiful little place called Castelmola. Stressed out after our drive, we just wanted to have a shot of local grappa. So we found ourselves in the bar called Turrisi. Only after our first drink, did we recognize that all around us where pictures and shapes of the Penis. At a minimum, a very interesting place to relax...Views were spectacular...If you visit Sicily and miss this little place it will be unfortunate...Find a different drives though.

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