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La Vecchia Lakeshore Toronto

La Vecchia on Lakeshore is a very pleasant restaurant, with nice decor and ambiance. Lunch or dinner always comes great after a lakeside walk. The service in this restaurant is very good. The food never disappoints. Grilled calamari as an appetizer was so tasty, definitely a must. Another one to try is Spec and Bufala. We really enjoyed both. In terms of main meals, we opted for a couple of pizzas and pastas, and can't complain at all. Both were delicious. The portion size was not that big but typical for Italian style meals. We topped it off with a couple of desserts: Tiramisu and Panna Cotta. And of course, the meal would not be complete without a glass of Italian white wine. So, when you are feeling up for romantic night close to the lake, suggest to stop by La Vecchia.


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