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Moving From a Chaos to The Calm

Often or sometimes, definitely from time to time, our life becomes hectic and chaotic. In those times we might live lives that are stressful, fast-paced, without the opportunity to catch a break or even breath. That stress becomes our biggest enemy creating enormous pressure and disabling us to function to our full ability.

When we are under stress, we might feel light-headed, we might feel our heart beating faster or our breathing is shallow and rapid. In addition, that sensation causes extra stress and fear amplifying the initial state. And the circle continues.

In those times, instead of letting ourselves be overtaken by those fears and sensations, we need to stop, take a deep breath and remind ourselves that even when we can’t change the current situation, we can change how we see and react to that situation.

Utilizing tools and practices to engage the mind can assist us in creating a new vision for our lives that is more positive and optimistic.

Visualization is one way to bring a new thought and idea to the mind and create a mental image of something that is more beneficial and helpful in the moment so we can move forward.

Why Visualize

When we visualize positive imagery, we can begin to associate our mental states with our thoughts. When we think more positive thoughts, our energy state changes, and in that moment we are becoming at least a little bit happier.

When we can take a pause and recognize our mental status, we can bring gratitude into the picture. Thinking grateful thoughts can bring a broader sense of peace by allowing us to tap into what has gone well for us and how we can bring a renewed sense of positivity to the moment.

When we are stressed and feel like we are spinning out of control, visualization is a practice we can undertake to focus the mind on a chosen vision. Maybe the vision is one of achieving a personal goal or one that is dreamed by the family.

Try visualizing a time when you were in a situation and were worried you might not make it through, but in the end, it turned out better than you could have imagined. Try visualizing a time in the past when one of your dreams come true, and when you felt joy, abundance, and happiness. Remember these feelings and know that you can recreate them anytime to feel the grandeur in gratitude of life.

Once you can connect to past successful and happier moments, you can bring a sense of peace and calm to your life. You can connect with the experiences when certain situations have worked out for you and have gone your way in the past. This brings confidence that life will continue to provide, amidst the ups and downs.

Creating a Calming Mental Picture

Visualizing a calming mental picture can be the key to calming the chaos of the mind. Connect to an image that brings you peace and clarity and commits to holding it in your mind as long as possible until you can feel a shift in the energy. Sometimes even a few seconds of engagement in visualization will bring results!

Breathe with intention and feel the presence of your calming imagers coming true for you and be confident that you can change your outlook and perspective.

Visions of nature, water, fire, or other elements are a great place to start with imagery if you don’t yet have a clear picture of your desired outcome.

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