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Negative Thoughts - Self Help

There are many times in our life that something bad, uncomfortable, sad, or difficult happens, events that we struggle to deal with. The way we handle those times are very much different, depending on our personality, background, circumstances, support, spirituality, and many other factors.  The fact is that many of us will be faced with negative thoughts, thoughts of fear, and doubt. The negative thought comes, followed by another one, and you lose yourself. That's when we become irrational and almost paralyzed to deal with the situation at hand. And suddenly we made our initial problem three times worse.

So, what we can do about it? How can we stop the sequence of negative thoughts, and potentially start thinking more in a positive direction? It seems it is difficult to change those negative thoughts to positive in a blink. It is difficult for us to switch from fear to "all great" just like that. Instead, we can do that in a few steps. The first step is to recognize and be aware of the first negative thought. If we catch it and stop it, we are halfway there. Stop and count until 17. Why 17, I am not sure, but apparently, that's how long it takes to stop thought. Start thinking about something completely different. Start thinking about any potential positive aspect of that problem or something good you have in your life, or just something different. The idea is to move from negative thought and negative energy to something of a more positive nature that would shift your energy and the vibration in a positive direction. One of the great tactics to control your thoughts, in general, is meditation. Meditation will help us to silence the noise in our heads. We have to realize that negative thinking will not bring us much good. It will however make us weaker, more anxious, paralyzed to do the best we can do, most likely it will prevent us to find the best solution. 

On the other side, if we think positively our actions will be aligned with this thinking, things will be easier to accept and we will be inspired to be the best we can be and do the best we can do. Others around us will feel better, and more inspired too. 

In-state like this we will be much better equipped to overcome the challenge we are faced with.

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