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How to start personal development path

A couple of years ago, I have reached a low emotional moment, due to the problems I was facing. Even though I rarely share those thoughts, I opened up to a friend. She gave me a hint to look up a Croatian motivational speaker. And having nothing to lose, I did. And that was my day 1. One lesson led to another, one book after another. And I have started reading and studying the world known motivational speaker and spiritual leaders. I found the tools, for lack of another word, that resonated with me, that I noticed started making the difference for me. I started to see a different way of looking at the events that happen to us or around us. I learned about the Law of Attraction, Frequency, Meditation, Energy, Mindfulness, Gratefulness, Epigenetics.

Each of the leaders in this field has something in common, and something unique. They differ in their styles and approach, but all of them emphasize your internal being, calm and gratefulness. Realized that we are the ones that could make things ten times worse or ten times better than they actually are. Many things are in our power. We can focus on them, and make the difference.

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