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Royal Meat Barbeque, Toronto

Royal Meat BarBeque is a family restaurant in Etobicoke. It is a pretty large and modern space, with amazing patio. When we are hungry and want to eat the good food that's the place we go to. Never disappointed. It is Balkan style barbeque with typical selection: chevaps, Royal burger, Royal Cannon etc. But the restaurant's menu also offers amazing steaks and all other types/styles of meat. Personally, I prefer their seafood. Grilled calamaris are the best I have ever had. They are must. You can also order seafood platters that include shrimps, calamaris and variety of whole fish depending the size and type of the platter. My favourite platter is Mini Seafood platter. Shopska salad, coleslaw, roasted hot peppers are all very good. Great selection of wine as well. With the sea food platter I always pick Pinot Noir White, it is very light and super delicious. (Heated patio)


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