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Sofia Yorkville

Sofia Yorkville
Sofia Yorkville

Sofia is a luxurious restaurant located in the heart of Toronto's popular neighborhood Yorkville. It has amazing style, beautiful and elegant decorations. With a vibrant atmosphere, it can always be a fun spot with a group of friends. With music and full capacity, it could be a little bit loud.

The service is fantastic from the first to the last step. Sofia offers Italian tastes, but I would say more than that. There are some quite different choices with many tasty flavours. All dishes are perfectly plated and arranged with colorful and fresh ingredients.

We shared all food among the four of us. For the appetizers, we had Polpo, Insalata di Arance. Our mains included Bistecca di Wagyu, with sides Broccoletti, Patate and Funghi Grigliati. And for the dessert we had Panna Cotta and Torta di Castagne. Red wine was a perfect match for this dinner. We all enjoyed

every single food item and looking forward to going back. Value for the price, considering the location and type of the restaurant is what I expected, on a steeper side.


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