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Book Review: The German Heiress, by Anika Scott

This book is the first novel written by Anika Scott and she did a very nice job. Anika Scott is an American author who moved to Germany, which is where she got inspired to write a story about post-war Germany. The book takes us through several characters, from different angles, describing events during the war and afterward. There are three main characters in the book, Clara - a young woman from a rich and powerful family, a young boy Willy - with personal trauma, and a young man, Jakob, who lost his leg during the war. Their paths crossed in some delicate times. These characters demonstrate their own battles with the choices they made. There are many deep feelings brought by the conflict of their own conscience, guilt, love, and loyalty to their families. It is a complex story, that gets us thinking about times and situations where we felt completely powerless and the times we had to make difficult choices. At the end of the book, there are some great thought provoking topics. I enjoyed reading this book. 


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